A thought from the Colosseum and today’s violent media


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Did it not occur to anyone in the audience that getting entertained by seeing slaves get eaten by beasts is madness? That it is not okay to get entertained by seeing other struggle to death? Or did no one question it because everyone thought this is normal? It was just the custom. And everyone was happily entertained so who would ever question it?

Do we do anything today that is wrong but never  questioned because that’s what everyone is doing? Any behavior or daily thing they in the future might think is crazy? Are we even better than they were back then? Did we only stop this madness and replaced it by wars so we can get entertained in the news instead of in the arena? Is it wrong to get entertained by action, war and horror movies? Maybe the characters aren’t real but we still get entertained by seeing others suffer and struggle.

In the future,  will they think we are bad people for watching the news and movies? Do we fool ourselves thinking its informative and educational while in reality it’s nothing but entertainment?

Probably not..  But who knows what future people might think about us. The point is, I am not sure we are better humans than the romans. Maybe on the individual level we are  but as a generation as an era or an age we are probably not.

It is just beyond my understanding how people can do to each other what we see in the news today. But anyway, sorry for the depressing thoughts. But history is often cruel – luckily it is in the past and we can actually learn if we study it, travel to it and think about it. Always search for history when you visit a new place! 😉


5 thoughts on “A thought from the Colosseum and today’s violent media

  1. You are asking all the right questions. Today we are lucky that we have become braver as individuals and we find like minded people in hopes of making a change and trying to change peoples points of view as of the mistreatments of so many humans. Still not everyone is open to change or even listen. Keep on writing you are awesome!


  2. The questions laid out to your readers are thought-provoking and eye-openers. Those who choose wars to settle disputes should read this article.

    They may be acting out or showing what the past was like, but I cannot sit down comfortably to watch battles on screen. To see Christians or slaves being fed to the lions or be like the gladiators’ prey would churn my stomach. To be in a colisseum for this barbaric entertainment is a big no-no for me.

    History tells us many things, one is how many people acted as animals and the second, that we can behave as civilised human beings.


    • Thank you for your comment. I am really glad you think this way. And all people should. However, sometimes I doubt whether we are actually civilized or just fooling ourselves. How can we live with so much horror going on and still thinking we are the good ones.. we are the civilized one. Maybe the truth is that we are just the privileged ones. :/

      I hope and believe everything will be good at the end though 🙂

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