My Iranian Dream Route

As you guys already know, Iran was one of my favorite travel destinations. Why? I have explained it in the Top Visited Destinations page, check it out.

But I have not been everywhere, and I certainly want to go back and visit the rest. The country is wonderfully big. That is why I have planned a route that I will do in Iran at some point. The route of my dreams:


Lets start from the green dot: Tehran


The cheapest place to fly to is Tehran, so the first place will be here. You gotta visit the capital and one of the largest cities of the world. But what is there to see here? Palaces, mosques, bazars, the photogenic Azadi Tower and the real life. A must for me is to walk around the old Rey city within Tehran. It is one of the oldest cities in the region and contains endless historical monuments and tales.
Duration: 4 days at least.

Badab Surt

Travelling east, first stop is Badab Soort which is an incredible natural phenomenon you will not see anywhere else in the world. I think the picture speaks for itself.
Duration: 6 hours for the journey and the stay there in total.



Same day I would travel even further east to the very secluded place of Khalidnabi. It is basically a small mosque containing the tomb of a prophet named Khalid. I don’t know much about him, but the quite graveyard and the little prophetic mosque looks stunning on pictures. First time I saw this place I thought I have to come here!
Duration: 4 hours inclusive travel time



Heading same day further east to Mashhad I would probably arrive at night and try to find a place to sleep. Luckily Mashhad is a city that never sleeps. Being the most holy city in Iran this is a must see for everyone. And it is pretty famous for having one of the most beautiful and largest mosques, the Imam Reza mosque. Here ceremonies are held every day and the city and mosque and museums takes days to absorb. Also interesting cities like Neyshabur, the Kang Village and others are close by. Ideally, I would go to Turkmenistan from there but Turkmenistan is very hard to get into so I will leave it out from this blog post.
Duration: 5 days



From Mashhad I would continue south to Yazd to enjoy the extremely iconic architecture. The skyline of this city gives purpose to the lives of photographers. Not to mention the beauty of the Amir Chakhmaq Complex.
Duration: 3 days



South west is the next stop. Shiraz stands out with its gardens. Here the Eram Garden is one of the most beautiful gardens in the world and I definitely wanna see it. But the best reason to come here is to visit Naqsh-e Rustam and Persepolis. Some of the most ancient archaeological finds in the world. This is where Iran really shows it’s rich history.
Duration: 4 days

Naqsh rustam


Okay, now the trip really starts to get interesting. Travelling north west I will get through some really culturally interesting places like the Ahwaz, but my destination is the city of Susa where the tomb of Prophet Daniel lies in a holy mosque. This is no ordinary mosque, and even sharing a “google” picture hurts my heart. I just wanna see it myself.
Duration: 1 day


Here is more super ancient history. The site of Taq Bostan displays rock reliefs that I want to study.
Duration: 1 day


Do I need to say more? Of course everyone wants to come here to experience the incredible mosques and architecture.
Duration: 3 days


Okay here I have a lot of things to do. The most important one is buying a real handmade Persian rug. Kashan is the best place to do that. If you know anything about Persian rugs you have for sure heard about the Kashan. But there is more: Other than being just as pretty as Isfahan here lies the ancient underground city of Nushabad. This place is just mind blowing to read about. Imagine an ancient time where humans actually lived beneath earth, sheltering themselves from the sunlight. It is a mystery why. These ancient underground cities are being discovered all over the world and no one has yet understood why.
Duration: 4 days



Okay, now I would probably wanna go Qom to see the most religious city in Iran or to Tabriz to see the stone houses, but I will probably be exhausted and my time is running up. I will probably go north to Visadar to relax at the waterfalls for a day before heading back to Tehran Airport to get back home.
Duration: 1 day

Complete route:


Total Duration: 27 days

I will never have that long vacation again 😥

So what do you think guys? Are all the places worth it? What wouldn’t you do? And what did I leave out that I definitely should go see? If you are an expert on Iran or lives there let me know your opinion please! 🙂

9 thoughts on “My Iranian Dream Route

  1. Great post as always. I am very intrigued about those underground cities. I also wonder why this was needed in many places of the world. It fascinates me to know that even then we had the tools to do such things since I do not believe it to be an easy task. You had me google many of this cities because this is the first time I have read about them. You have open a whole new world to me, Thank you.

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  2. What a fantastic tour I had through your post. The descriptions are so beautiful that I felt like visiting the place. The images are stunning that I just want to be in Iran now – a country that I really like to set on foot one day.

    Yes, the places are worth visiting, especially the underground dwellings. They are interesting and I would like to find out what the living situation was like in them.

    Well done and thank you for sharing your past and future adventures in Iran. I met many Iranians during my visit to Georgia. Some of them even invited my family and I over. If it was that easy (that Visas were not needed and the time allowed) I would have taken the opportunity to travel to what seems like a fairy tale, but true-to-life, existing, magical land.

    Kind regards and all the best with your blog. You sure attract people to travel destinations through your posts.


    • Thank you so much. I wasn’t sure about the quality for this post because I got the idea very quickly and then did it. But I’m so glad you liked it. You should visit it if you get the chance. Its a very safe country!

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      • Sometimes writing things straight from the mind while pieces of information are fresh can be good. So when talking about quality, I can say it’s fine. Individuals who have English as their second language, like you and I often ask themselves if their work is of standard. This is a good way for us to always strive for the better. 🙂

        Che and I both like to go to Iran. The question is “When?”

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  3. I like the route and the cities that you have chosen to visit. Although I was born in Iran’s but migrated to U.S at the age of 15. Therefore, I haven’t even had the opportunity to visit most of these cities that you have mentioned. However, I have read about them in my history classes. You have described each city and it’s attractiveness for visit perfectly.Thank you for educating people about the beauty of Iran.


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