The good and the bad travel blogger

Forgive the slight negativity in this post, but I have to address certain things I’ve started to witness on different travel blogs and social medias.

I’ve seen so many traveler’s travel the world and end up with just the same type of people not even realizing that this type might not be the majority of the place he is visiting.

Traveling should not just be for selfish reasons. It’s not about you visiting all countries in the world crossed off a map and hanged on your wall as a trophy. This kind of travel is endlessly provocative and in such a bad taste.

Instead cross off the countries you have actually understood and done a real connection with. Not just with the one type of people you met. But with the different groups. The different view points and those who taught you something that you didn’t expect them to. Even if you are superior to them in intellect, in richness and education. You can still learn from the old lady living on the street, the kid begging you for money, the police officer at the border and the priest at the temple that does or does not belong to your own faith.

It saddens me when a person had traveled to more than 150 countries and end up talking bad about one certain kind of people there, just because they do not fit his  vision of the country, or his twisted idea about how this country is (because he only hang out with one certain kind of people).

And when he comes back home he only talks about the freedom of traveling and how boring everyone else is instead of actually encouraging the others to travel more, see more, learn more, and most importantly not get afraid of places the media talks bad about.

Basically this is just an appeal to my fellow travel bloggers, Instagram photographers and youtube vloggers: spread positivity and accept people of the different opinion. Engage in a discussion. That is the only way to learn from each other.

If not I simply don’t enjoy following these bloggers.

And even if you have explored so much you think you can judge. DON’T!

Because all countries have people of all spectra of any scale you can think of. So don’t just assume you can judge.

  • I have traveled more than 12 times to Egypt: No I do not know everything about egyptians and their culture.
  • I have lived in Japan studying: No I do not know everything about Japanese people and their culture.
  • Even my own country(s): I do not know everything. I still meet people who I never knew existed in this country. Not just travelers or immigrants but even ethnically and culturally local people who just belong to such a different subculture within this country.

Remember: You do not simply become a better, more knowledgeable, more tolerant gentleman by traveling the world. You become all that by actually trying to understand and accept different viewpoints. By showing interest in people who are on the other spectrum of yourself. And by seeing the world as what it could have been and not what it has become.

Or maybe I am wrong? Let me know your opinion in the comments, specially if you disagree. I want to strive to be a better traveler and my blog is always open for anyone!

Traveling is not only about freedom. It is about widening your horizon.

5 thoughts on “The good and the bad travel blogger

  1. I am really enjoying your blogs, you have such an open heart and are so honest. I think the world needs more people like you. You are an amazing human that makes us all better just by reading your blogs.


  2. Well done for expressing what others like me are quietly keeping inside them. The world needs writers like you to fight for those who are being belittled and looked upon in a demeaning manner.

    Once an IG “liked” one of my posts and I checked her account. She happened to visit the Philippines. Her posts were the “ugly” sights and sites and her comments were worse than the images. I replied to what she wrote… The next time I checked she “unliked” the feed.

    You are right. One or countless visits to a country does not make you an authority of such place. We should enjoy our privilege to be able to travel and learn from others once we step on foreign soil.

    Bravo for a heartfelt article.


  3. Completely agree with what you’ve written. The whole point of travelling in the first place is to learn about other cultures and people, and if not that then at least to enjoy it for yourself. This is regardless of whether you’re a travel blogger or not. But if someone doesn’t have something positive to share then they should shut it 🙂


    • That is exactly what I’m trying to say. I don’t know why people feel the urge to say something bad. I’m just targeting bloggers because they influence the way people perceive a country. At least they shouldn’t judge publicly.


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