About me

Hello Everyone,

If you are interested in a little background:

I am an Arabic-European traveller. That means I have Arabic roots but grew up in Europe and ended up with a big European mindset. For me the European project (the EU) defined my affiliation. The Arabic part is my roots and my family background and that part of the world has a special place in my heart. However, being raised with a mix of many cultures and having lived in 3 different continents through my life I have lost the last bit of nationalism in my heart. I feel quite home in the air or on the road no matter culture, language or weather. I discovered that those barriers are easy to penetrate and overcome. And if anything they just add more interesting moments in your life.

What else? I have been to more than 55 countries, lived in 3 continents, I speak 3 languages fluently and 2 broken languages. Oh – I am learning Spanish too!