My top destinations that I have already visited

1. Palestine

The most amazing place I have ever visited was the city of Jerusalem. This mosque is most recognizable landmark of this city

I spent 10 hours in the city of Jerusalem and it was undeniably the most amazing place I

have ever visited. It is no wonder the city has been so attractive over the century. It is

hard to describe the feeling of being there, but at any moment you feel that you are in an extraordinary place. Walking the footsteps of the most holy men in the world and the most influential men and women in the history. The history, diversity and military oppression is overwhelming in this country. You don’t know whether to cry of happiness for being there or sorrow for the oppression you see.

2. Japan

Mountains and sea in Nikko (UNESCO site). Not the usual picture in your mind when you think about Japan . That is the beauty of this country, it has everything.

Japan is the ultimate destination for all travellers in my opinion. No matter where you are from, your travel experiences or your travel style preference you will find exactly what you are looking for in Japan and additionally get mind blown by the culture. Japan has everything from amazing skiing resorts to beautiful tropical islands. Many hidden gems with no tourists and a culture so differently from even it’s neighbouring countries. For unexperienced travellers it is a very safe place to be and therefore a good way to practise the difficulties with communication when you don’t speak the local language. I have never met anyone who was not mind blown by their travels in Japan.

3. Egypt

The Al-Azhar Mosque in Cairo. The history of this place alone is mindblowing.

One third of the world’s archeological items are found here and it is spread all over the world. In many ways you can find the root of our civilizations here. Seeing the Pyramids – the only Wonder of the World that still remains really is an impressive sight that only ignorants will not feel drawn by. Not to mention all the incredible sights from “newer” historical periods. There are countless holy beautiful mosques and the people are authentic and good hearted. You cant walk 10 meters in Egypt without finding a piece of history that would have been a national treasure anywhere else in the world.

4. Greenland

Ungdomsskole i Grønland 052

Going to Greenland is a real adventure. One mistake and you can actually get very hurt in the -50 C climate. Thats me trying not to do mistakes!

Greenland is on top of many travel magazines these days. It has become popular due to its incredible sceneries and culture. Still even the best discoveres are exploring Greenland and it is not unlikely that more and more gems will be discovered here. That is why professional explorers come. Nonetheless, it will be a true adventure like nothing else in your life. Surviving minus 50 degrees, going to the glaciers on dog sleds. Drilling a hole in the ice to fish and watch the aurora (northern light) from the top of an incredible ice mountain. Thats an adventure!

5. Iran

Wall book in Iran

Just like Egypt, Iran contains thousands and thousands of years of history and tracks of how we evolved and developed our modern civilization. In addition, it is filled with beautiful mosques, gardens, holys sights, bazars, mountains and seas. And most interestingly also unique natural phenomena like Badaab Soort. And best part of it all? Very few tourists! If all this is not enough, I would have liked to add Iraq to this list here. In many ways a very similar experience only with the slightly difference in culture that is very unique for Iraq. Combining these two countries is a good idea if once Iraq is safe.

6. The Philippines

If you you get bored on your paradise island you can always go on adventures in the Philippines

While there are many paradise destinations in South East Asia, I have not encountered a better destination for island hopping than The Philippines. Many tend to go to Thailand which is beyond my understanding. The Philippines is less touristic and still can serve you tonnes of incredible nature, white sand paradise beaches and UNESCO World Heritage Sights. You can choose to be soothed by natural sceneries like the Chocolate Mountains, or scared to death by cultural sceneries like Kabayan or Sagada (hanging coffins).

7. Albania

8. Spain

9. United Kingdom

10. Sudan