My top travel destinations that I have not been to yet

There are plently of nice places in this world, but few of them stand out. There are could be many reasons for this and plenty of lists have been made – specially the UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites is a good list to begin with. However, it does only cover culturally significant places and there is much more to see than that. Here is my list:

(I have not yet visited those places so don’t take everything I write too seriously)

The prioritised part:

  1. Uzbekistan (Samarkand, Bukhara and Karakalpakstan)

    Uzbekistan is in my opinion the most underestimated country in the world sightseeing wise. I have had an eye for this country since I started travelling and it will be a dream come true to visit the center of the Silk Road. Not to mention the possibility to combine this destination with other central asian countries like Turkmenistan (Door to Hell).

  2. Venezuela (Angel Falls, Mount Roraima and Los Roques)

    Another super underestimated country. Venezuela has it all from paradise beaches to incredible hikes. Because tourists are often afraid of going there I think there are many wonderful places where tourists have never been. I met a Venezuelan once that described some amazing hiking routes for me.

  3. Tanzania (Kilimanjaro and Zanzibar)

    Okay so the first place on the list for Africa is maybe also one of the most popular for toursits. This is due to the beautiful paradise beaches in Zanzibar and sure I love that. But the most interesting for me is to climb Mount Kilimanjaro. It is just something I like to prove to myself that I can do. It is not gonna be easy!

  4. Oman (Muscat, Wadi Shab and Musandam)

    So I have already been to Oman but I have still much to see! Musandam was amazing and is worth a whole blog post about it. However, there is a place called Wadi Shab that would blow your mind. You have to swim beneath a rock to get there and when you get on the other side it is pure paradise. And hey – Dubai is just small drive from there!

  5. Cuba (Havana)

    So Cuba is becoming more and more interesting for tourists and thereby it might get lower on my list. There are lots of things to see and do in Cuba, but for me the most interesting thing there would be the culture. How many places on earth is unspoiled by huge commercial banners everywhere? TV commercials and all the like? Being isolated from all this due to communism, the humans are programmed quite differently I have heard. I would love to go there to meet the people!

  6. Russia (Moscow, Lake Baikal, Yakutia and much more)

    When pointing on Russia, you are actually pointing on a huge part of the world. So where do I wanna go? Moscow? Of course! But even more interesting is the very unique region of the Yakutia. If you read its history, you will know! Seriously – Russia is an endless mystery to explore.

  7. Iran (Isfahan, Badab Soort, Khalid Nabi, Persepolis, Mashhad and much more)

    Again, I visited Iran but there is much more to see. The list is endless and I doubt there is a spot in Iran where you will not be amazed by either great architecture, history, nature, culture, markets.. you name it!

  8. Brazil (Rio, The Wet Desert, Enchanted Well and Cândido Godói)

    Again a big country so lots to see. It will be hunting unique experiences and phenomena. Have you ever heard about The Wet Desert? Or the city of Candido Godoi where most of the population have an identical twin?

  9. Morocco (Marrakech, Chefchouen and Western Sahara)

    Another very popular destination but the reason is evident. Maybe the one country in the world with most beautiful cities. And there is a whole part of it that is totally undiscovered – The Western Sahara. Maybe even combine it with a trip To Mauritania (Nouakchott) and the The Eye of Sahara.

What did not make it to the list?

11. Indonesia
12. Romania
13. China
14. Jordan
15. India
16. Ecuador
17. Switzerland
18. North Korea
19. Turkmenistan
20. Philippines
21. Albania
22. Yemen